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I have been going to TWS to race my cars since about 1995. My kids were young and they enjoyed spending the weekend away at the track and staying in College Station. It was a very special time with the kids.

Jack Puryear

For a few years I was in between cars and the kids were getting older so I had to stop for awhile. In about 2009 I resumed with a new car that I eventually track prepared and then began instruction which was great fun and very rewarding watching that light go off in their helmets as the got it!
As soon as I learned that the track would likely be closing I became determined to document the remaining years of the track utilizing my years of experience as a professional photographer so that we all could enjoy and remember our fond experiences at TWS. It was easy fo shoot video on weekends that I was instructing with the TWS HPDE group but I had to make many special day trips to document all the other groups. I think I missed only one group. I put the project in stasis as the closing got pushed back first for a few months and then a few years. For several years I ran at TWS and COTA getting lots of track time. Unfortunately nowadays it is just COTA.
After Hurricane Harvey there was speculation that the track might reopen but that did not happen. In January of 2019 I began in earnest to edit the thousands of video clips I had collected over the past 5 years. I worked on it diligently averaging 5 hours a day. Slowly I formed the work into distinct chapters of each of the groups who rented the track. I had to purchase background music to make a professional presentation.
It is common practice that “Indie” (independent) filmmakers attract donations for defer the time and costs associated with such a production. After all these hours spent on the project my other income has suffered so any donations are greatly appreciated.
The documentary is presented in 14 chapters. I begins with a historical perspective of the early years, then 12 chapters of each of the race groups followed by an ending chapter. You are likely to revisit your chapter many times and I hope you will like it enough to consider making a donation to this film about TWS, the race track we all fell in love with.
I look forward to seeing you at a track in the near future.

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